ABD is a Bureau for architecture, planning and design led by Dimitar Dimitrov.

We are glad to introduce our services to you.
Our Bureau provides "full service" design - architectural, interior, engineering design and planning as well as 3D visualization and Web design.
We provide personalized services of a small entity with the resources of a large design bureau.
With an understanding of both the design and construction processes, we serve both as a practical tool in the realization of the creative vision and as a supplemental source of knowledge and resources that enriches the design process. Our approach best serves clients who seek a cohesive design process that encourages open communication and cooperation among team members; manages costs effectively, anticipates, prevents, and responds to problems; investigates opportunities; and devotes attention to both immediate project needs and long term values and goals.
We can provide you with the best solution through the following points:
- Pre-design Planning
- Schematic Design
- Site Planning
- Construction Document Preparation
- Construction Bidding & Negotiations
- Historic Renovation & Adaptive Re-Use
- Presentation Renderings / Drawings
- Architectural Scale Models
- 3-D Modeling
The central concern of the practice is design excellence, achieved through active collaboration with clients and specialists. ABD's extensive multi-platform computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) capabilities are used to facilitate rapid and accurate designs and construction documents. 3D modeling and graphics are also used to assist our clients' visualization regarding, design and interior planning.



BANKSERVICE Shoumen Branch, (Reconstruction)
Total built area: 487 m2
Design: 1994
Built: 1994-95

B. N. B. Holiday House, Primorsko (Reconstruction of the north part)
Total built area: 430 m2
Design: 1994
Built: 1994

CAPITALBANK Vitosha Branch, Sofia, (Reconstruction)
Total built area: 215 m2
Design: 1995
Built: 1995

BULBANK Haskovo Branch,
(First Prize, new building)
Total built area: 1718 m2
Design: 1995, Built: 1996-97

7 Moskovska St., Sofia (Reconstruction, Conceptual design)
Total built area: 2446 m2
Design: 1995, Built: 1996-97

& STOREY PARKING P1 (new buildings),
Total built area: 44 000 m2
Design: 2003, Built: 2003-2004




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