Welcome to our Web Site.
The Bureau of Architecture and Design (B. A. D.) was created to provide the ultimate Design Service tailored to meet the needs of the progressive clients. We subscribe to the "old" business philosophy of giving the customer GREAT SERVICE and the BEST PRODUCT for their budget, not the "new" business philosophy of viewing the customer as a necessary evil or an obstacle to overcome in getting their money!
We offer a variety of professional services including services of Architecture (architecture, civil engineering, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection as well as site planning and development), Project Management, Building Inspections, Expert Witness, Graphic and Internet Services.
B. A. D. would welcome the opportunity to submit a professional design fee proposal for any upcoming projects you may have.
We want to be on your team as an architectural and engineering asset. We are a fast, fluid and flexible team that is ready, willing and able to assist you with all your design, permitting and planning needs.
Architectural design is a collaborative art between the client, the builder and the designer; no single aspect of the design and building process is more important than any other. By listening and observing we can create enticing shapes and places that translate our client's preferences into settings that are meaningful and unique!